Riding in the clouds

Posted onNovember 09, 2016

The three hundred and fifty miles today once again covered high mountain passes where I was literally riding through the clouds, other stretches at 3000-4000 feet elevation where there was sugar cane, tropical fruit stands, coffee plantations, and lower elevations where I was surprised to find cactus!

Six car sugar cane truck "train". I followed the locals' example and passed on the right shoulder.

Coffee plantation. Is that Juan Valdez' house in the distance?

At some of the bridges military were stationed there behind five foot high sandbags guarding the important infrastructure.

My destination after miles and miles of curving highway was Pasto, a centuries old city of half a million people nestled high in the Andes.  On the highway there were times where a semi truck passed another semi forcing me to hug the shoulder. 

My hotel where Beloved is tucked in for the night is across from a modern mall.