On January 15, 2017, Rick Ellis suffered a serious heart attack while riding his motorcycle and passed into the presence of the Lord. For more information please visit ellis.cl/rick This site will be left as-is.

Ride to Chile

From Oregon to Chile, a motorcycle adventure by Rick Ellis

How it Began

1962 - I started riding at the age of 5 in my dreams.

My dad's NSU in Costa Rica with my brother Kevin on the back.

1969 - As a thirteen year old while on a road trip with my family, waiting at a river crossing on a barge into Paraguay from Argentina, my dad met an American family who had driven down from the States and was touring all of Latin America. It jazzed me!

A few years later I found myself living in Panama where it was quite common to see people who had driven down from North America in cars, vans, campers or motorcycles as well as those who chose to see the world from a sailboat.

My Suzuki 500 in Panama with Kevin on the back.

All this since that first occasion lit the desire in my own heart to some day go beyond known borders.

In 1982 while living in Mendoza, Argentina, I bought a 1943 Willys Jeep when the Argentine peso was devalued and toyed with the idea of driving it back to the United States. Time and money didn't allow for it.

Laurel and I with our 1943 Willys Jeep in Mendoza, Argentina

Now at 60 I have the opportunity I've been dreaming about for so long to see the people and their respective countries that I've been flying over for so many years. I have chosen the KLR 650, a classic globe trotter. It's cheap, it's dependable and parts are readily available. 

Due to my 30 day travel window, I will be booking down the Pan Am (Pan American Highway) at 60 miles an hour.

60 @ 60 on the Pan Am

I invite you to come with me...maybe it's your dream too. My intention is to provide you with updates of the experience as they unfold. As I travel south, you'll be able to follow along by having a look at the DeLorme InReach map. If you want to do more than just follow me, you can help me reach my destination of ConcepciĆ³n, Chile by visiting the Lend a Hand page and help keep the tank gassed up or provide me with a good night's sleep.