On January 15, 2017, Rick Ellis suffered a serious heart attack while riding his motorcycle and passed into the presence of the Lord. For more information please visit ellis.cl/rick This site will be left as-is.

Ride to Chile

From Oregon to Chile, a motorcycle adventure by Rick Ellis

Central America - Panama

November 06, 2016

This is a four day weekend in Panama as they celebrate Independence Day. On Monday, I will be shipping the bike via air to Bogotá, Colombia and I will follow on commercial flights via Medillín. 

I spent my last year and a half high school in Panama on the Caribbean side in the city of Colón where my parents were pastors of a church. Taking advantage of the free day, I rode across the isthmus from Panama City where I am staying with missionaries David and Marie Turner revisiting where we lived, the church, the locks and other familiar places. Some things have changed drastically, others remain exactly the same. 

I lived with my parents Dick and Sharen Ellis and younger brother, Kevin, on the top floor.

Church where my parents were pastors in Colón. It has been remodeled.