On January 15, 2017, Rick Ellis suffered a serious heart attack while riding his motorcycle and passed into the presence of the Lord. For more information please visit ellis.cl/rick This site will be left as-is.

Ride to Chile

From Oregon to Chile, a motorcycle adventure by Rick Ellis

Home Sweet Home

November 26, 2016

I arrived home a little after 3am on Friday morning. Friends from two different churches helped get my trusty partner home with me, the first one took me as far as a big Copec gas station and rest stop store/restaurant. Then two young men from CBC church came with a pickup truck to take us to our house in ConcepciĆ³n. 

Laurel flies out today with our little companion, Chico, arriving tomorrow morning. 

I haven't had internet so no new pictures, but next week I should be able to put some pics from Santiago and the trip south on the site. Thank you for accompanying me on the trip!