Phase 3

Central America is behind me

Posted onNovember 07, 2016

This is the first time on the trip that I've been separated from my trusty partner. Remember how back in the day, we mailed letters by putting them in an envelope and adding a stamp? If we wanted it to get there quickly we spent the extra money for airmail or there was boat mail that took a month or more. Well, this time I opted for airmailing my bike to Colombia. 

The day started at one airport where I left my bike at the cargo area with a shipper. Then I took a taxi across Panama City to another airport where I caught a flight to Medillín, Colombia. From there I got on a plane headed to Bogotá but because of a major thunder storm we were diverted back to another airport before being allowed to board once again for Bogotá. A short trajectory turned in to an all day trip with five airports!

Now I am happily resting at missionaries Bruce and Lisa Ridpath's apartment and will be reunited with my traveling buddy in the morning.